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This is always the part that makes me nervous.  The section where you’re supposed to intrigue the reader with some witty quote or interesting backstory.  I am simply Sojourner.  A girl who grew up in Atlanta during the height of the Atlanta Child Murders and loves a good mystery (must be the Scorpio in me).

Instead of bugging my family and loved ones with my love of binging the ID Channel and YouTube conspiracy theorist videos, I have decided to open up shop here.  This is a place where I am able to muse over the cases that keep me awake at night, scrolling through hashtags and reading social media threads.  Will you join me?


Up For Discussion


COMING SOON: There are as many as 100,000 active missing persons cases in the U.S. at any given time. Here are some of them.

In Court

COMING SOON: Justice for all.
At least, that's what we hope for. Keep up with the latest court cases in the news here.

Case Closed

COMING SOON: Case closed. Or is it?
Let's talk about the loose ends that still linger in some of our most haunting cases.

SoJo's Faves

I have been a fan of The Fall Line since their feather on The Millbrook Twins (Monica & Michael).  They do a magnificent job of covering missing persons cases of marginalized people in Georgia.  Their current season on Atlanta's Grady Babies is EPIC.

The Fall Line

Steve McNair's murder at the hands of his mistress (who also committed suicide) has more twists and turns than a roller coaster.  Was it an affair gone wrong?  Or something more sinister?

Steve McNair: Fall of a Titan

I remember having an eerie feeling about the young boy in the viral photo emotionally hugging that police officer. But no one could have guessed the horrific end that Devonte Hart and his siblings would endure at the hands of their foster mothers years later.

Broken Harts

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